Investigation of hydrogen isotopes interaction with lithium CPS under reactor irradiation

T. Kulsartov, I. Tazhibayeva, Yu Ponkratov, Yu Gordienko, Zh Zaurbekova, V. Baklanov, Ye Chikhray, M. Skakov, Ye Koyanbayev, A. Korovikov, E. Nesterov

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This work describes the experimental results of a study of tritium generation and release from the lithium capillary porous system (CPS) under neutron irradiation. The experiments were performed at the IVG1.M research reactor (Kurchatov, Kazakhstan) at a power level of 6 MW and temperatures from 325 to 840 °С. The studies were performed using two modes: with constant pumping out of the experimental ampoule device (differential mode) and with tritium accumulation in ampoule device (AD) with absence of the pumping out (integrated mode). The diffusion coefficients of free tritium atoms in liquid lithium under neutron irradiation were obtained. The Arrhenius dependence of free tritium atoms diffusion coefficient in lithium was derived as D=0.17·exp(−145/RT).

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ЖурналFusion Engineering and Design
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