Investigation of additional losses in optical fibers under mechanical action

A. V. Yurchenko, A. D. Mekhtiyev, F. N. Bulatbaev, Y. G. Neshina, A. D. Alkina, P. Sh Madi

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The relevance using of high-performance information and measurement systems based on fiber optic sensors to create systems for monitoring the geotechnical state of the rock mass is an extremely promising issue. This is a new generation of high-speed measurement monitoring systems that are able to function effectively in conditions that are dangerous due to a sudden explosion of methane gas as they do not transmit electrical signals and underground mines are one of the most difficult and tough environments for people's work. The authors substantiate the idea of using the optical fiber of the ITU-T G.652.D standard to create systems for monitoring the geotechnical state of a rock mass since the fiber-optic sensors developed on its basis have a sufficiently high accuracy, measurement speed and have a good linearity of characteristics. For testing control methods and measurement of geotechnical parameters of output the imitation laboratory standing on the basis of fiber-optical sensors was developed. Quartz single-mode optical fiber 9/125 μm (OS2) Corning SMF-28e+® was used. The authors conducted a series of experiments to study additional losses due to mechanical action on optical fiber.

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Событие3rd International Conference on Cognitive Robotics - Tomsk, Российская Федерация
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