Investigation genotoxicity of new silver-based complexwith antimicrobial activity

Evgenii Plotnikov, Andrew Gapeyev, Vladimir Plotnikov

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Objective: Investigation of genotoxicity effects of the new antibacterial silver-based compound with of general formula [Ag (CH2)6 N4]+NO3 Methods: The comet assay applied for assessment of genotoxic effects on leukocytes of mice blood. DNA damage was assessed on the percentage of DNA in a comet tail (tail DNA), under influence of silver complex in different concentrations. . Results: During experiments found a significant increase in the level of DNA damage in cells, at the maximum tested concentrations. At low doses, the drug has no significant genotoxic effect. Conclusion: Tested silver complex did not cause DNA damage at low concentrations and could be considered as a base for new antibacterial drug.

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