Interphase Transformations at Metal (Copper, Iron)–Polymer Gel–Electrolyte Interfaces

G. V. Lyamina, O. V. Dubinina, E. A. Vaitulevich, G. M. Mokrousov

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Abstract: The results from studies of the interface boundaries between metals (copper and iron) and gel electrolyte based on methacrylic copolymers are organized systematically. In contrast to processes in liquid electrolytes, a number of key features of the reactions that occur at such interfaces are revealed: a diffusion limiting stage; a lack of reverse reactions; and the formation of coordination compounds of metal ions with the functional groups of polymers, the stabilities of which are several orders of magnitude greater than that of coordination with their low–molecular weight counterparts. It is shown that processes which employ polymeric organogels can be used for the careful cleaning of the metal surfaces, and for the formation of a desired phase composition on the latter.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Physical Chemistry A
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