Internet Addiction Disorder Among Russian Students of Technical Universities

S. V. Lavrinenko, T. V. Kivlenok, M. R. Arpentieva

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Internet addiction is the most important problem of our time, especially among young people. The article presents the results of investigation of Internet addiction of first-year students of one of Russia’s leading technical universities. The study was conducted on the basis of K. Young techniques. According to the results, the problem is very serious. Symptoms of Internet addiction have been found in nearly one-third of students. Less than 10% of students are ordinary Internet users. It is necessary to organize the educational process in the electronic environment more actively and efficiently. As a result, the students while they are at the computer will spend time with benefits for their education, without any negative consequences. The research was conducted based on the methodology developed by K. Young. Excessive use of the Internet is a very complex and multifaceted problem. Study of theoretical sources and the analysis of study’s results of Internet addiction of teenagers have allowed revealing the depth and social significance of the problem. Among the causes for Internet addiction can be identified such as demographic and socio-economic factors. The addiction is manifested in the escape to virtual reality of people who feel insecure and lonely, who are burdened with the process of learning and social environment.

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КонференцияInternational Scientific Conference, FarEastCon 2018
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