Interaction of a Liquid Aerosol with the Combustion Front of a Forest Combustible Material Under the Conditions of Countercurrent Air Flow

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Experimental investigations on the characteristic times of suppression of the flame combustion and thermal decomposition of wastes of coniferous and deciduous forest trees under the action of a liquid aerosol have been performed. As forest combustible materials, birch leaves and a mixture of components of a forest ground cover (leaves, needles, twigs) were used. Three schemes of interaction of a water droplet flow with a forest combustible material in the process of its burning were considered: the first scheme in which a material is preliminary moistened by the water sprayed upstream of its combustion front, the second scheme in which a liquid aerosol is supplied directly to the combustion front, and the third combined scheme in which water is sprayed upstream of the combustion front and over it. The influence of a favoring and an adverse air flows on the termination of combustion of a model fire hotbed was investigated. The conditions of spraying of water over forest combustible materials, providing the suppression of their flame combustion and thermal decomposition, were determined.

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