Integration of Wind Power and Wave Power Generation Systems Using a DC Microgrid

Sheng Yen Lu, Li Wang, Te Ming Lo, Anton V. Prokhorov

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In order to study the uncertainty and intermittent characteristics of wind power and wave power, this paper proposes an integrated wind and wave power generation system fed to an ac power grid or connected with an isolated load using a dc microgrid. The proposed dc microgrid connects with a wind power generator through a voltage-source converter (VSC), a wave power generator through a VSC, an energy storage battery through a bidirectional dc/dc converter, a resistive dc load through a load dc/dc converter, and an ac power grid through a bidirectional grid-tied inverter. The studied integrated wind and wave system joined with the dc microgrid is modeled and simulated using the written program based on MATLAB/Simulink. Root-loci plots of the studied system under various speeds of the wave generator are analyzed. To examine the fundamental operating characteristics of the studied integrated system joined with the dc microgrid, a laboratory-scale platform is also established. Comparative simulation and experimental results reveal that the studied integrated system can maintain stable operation to supply power under different operating conditions using the proposed dc microgrid.

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