P. S. Anan'in, I. V. Glavanakov, M. N. Gushtan, V. N. Eponeshnikov, A. P. Kashirin, V. M. Kuznetsov, V. N. Stibunov

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The installation described consists of a streamer chamber with a helium filler and a Cerenkov total-absorption gamma spectrometer. The isolation of the investigated process is accomplished by recording one of the decay gamma quanta of a pi degree meson. Under these conditions, the track of the alpha particle or of the products of disintegration of the He nucleus is photographed in the streamer chamber. The streamer chamber has a well having the dimensions 64 multiplied by 55 multiplied by 17. 5 cm fabricated from PS-4 foamplast and glued with epoxy resin. The top and bottom walls of the chamber are glass. Trial measurements were carried out on the bremsstrahlung beam of the Tomsk synchrotron having a maximum gamma quantum energy of 600 MeV. The radiation intensity is 0. 3 multiplied by 10**8 equivalent gamma quanta per discharge of electrons on the target, and the duration of the discharge was 20 msec. Preliminary handling of the photographs that were obtained demonstrated that the angular distribution of one-track events is in good agreement with the kinematics of elastic photoproduction of pi degree mesons on the **4He nucleus.

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