Initiation of Combustion of a Gel-Like Condensed Substance by a Local Source of Limited Power

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A physical and a mathematical model of the gas-phase ignition of a gel-like condensed substance, containing a combustible (hydrazine) and an oxidizer (liquefied oxygen) in its composition, at a cryogenic initial temperature have been developed. A numerical investigation of the integral characteristics of the interrelated physicochemical processes occurring in the initiation of combustion of such a substance by a typical energy source of limited heat content (an individual small-size particle heated to a high temperature) has been perfumed. The dependence of the delay time of ignition of the indicated substance on the heat content of a local heat source was determined. The minimum values of the main parameters of hot particles (their temperature and sizes), at which the ignition conditions are fulfilled, were estimated. It is shown that the delay time of ignition of a gel-like condensed substance depends mainly on the initial temperature of an energy source. The characteristic features of the conditions and regimes of initiation of combustion of condensed substances found in different aggregate states (solid, liquid, gel-like) under conditions of their local heating by a heat source of limiting power were analyzed.

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