Infrared Thermographic Testing of Hybrid Materials Using High-Power Ultrasonic Stimulation

D. A. Derusova, V. P. Vavilov, Xingwang Guo, V. Yu Shpil’noi, N. S. Danilin

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Ultrasonic infrared thermography is a rapid and informative method of nondestructive testing, used to inspect materials and products in aviation and rocket and space industries. High-power piezoelectric emitters stimulate various materials by ultrasound and help revealing hidden flaws by local temperature changes, which can amount to tens of degrees. The possibility of optimizing the procedure of ultrasonic infrared thermography by choosing the frequency of acoustic waves so as to match the frequencies of local resonances of defects of different sizes has been investigated.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
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