Information technology for active ageing: A review of theory and practice

Cristhian Parra, Patricia Silveira, Iman Khaghani Far, Florian Daniel, Eling D. De Bruin, Luca Cernuzzi, Vincenzo D'Andrea, Fabio Casati

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Active Ageing aims to foster a physically, mentally and socially active lifestyle as a person ages. It is a complex, multi-faceted problem that involves a variety of different actors, such as policy makers, doctors, care givers, family members, friends and, of course, older adults. This review aims to understand the role of a new actor, which increasingly plays the role of enabler and facilitator, i.e., that of the technology provider. The review specifically focuses on Information Technology (IT), with a particular emphasis on software applications, and on how IT can prevent decline, compensate for lost capabilities, aid care, and enhance existing capabilities. The analysis confirms the crucial role of IT in Active Ageing, shows that Active Ageing requires a multidisciplinary approach, and identifies the need for better integration of hardware, software, the environment and the involved actors.

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ЖурналFoundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction
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