Influence of wood component on physical and chemical transformations during high temperature heating of composite fuel based on bituminous coal

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Experimental studies of ignition delay time for mixtures of dispersed hard coal of two types and milled wood over a wide temperature range have been performed. Time of total completion of organic part pyrolysis of both components at different concentrations have been established in order to assess the prospects for such fuels application in large- and small-scale power engineering (combustion in boiler furnaces of different capacities). It has been established that simultaneous thermal decomposition of mixture of coal and wood particles leads to a significant change of pyrolysis temperature range and release of anthropogenic gases (sulfur and nitrogen oxides) in case of high-temperature heating of the mixture based on lean coal. The same effect, but in much smaller scale, has been recorded for a mixture based on long-flame coal. A hypothesis has been formulated on the mechanism of sulfur and nitrogen oxides precipitation during thermal decomposition of the mixture of lean coal and wood particles as a result of interaction between transitory gaseous and solid pyrolysis products of coal and wood in the temperature range up to 1000°C. Prospects of applying the milled coal and wood mixtures as fuel for steam and hot water boilers have been substantiated. With a small decrease of energy characteristics of such fuels, compared to homogeneous coals, significant improvement of ecological and economic characteristics of the fuel combustion processes can be achieved. It has been shown that vital synergistic effect of co-combustion of coal and wood particles is achieved only with certain coals.

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