Influence of the preparation of organic coal–water fuel on its ignition

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The integral ignition characteristics of a single droplet (initial radius 0.3–1.0 mm) of various organic coal–water fuels (prepared by means of a homogenizer or a ball mill) in an oxidant flux at 800–1100 K are compared. The fuel samples are based on spent motor, turbine, and transformer oils, filter cake from K coal, water, and plasticizer. The influence of the drop radius, the fuel composition, and the method and duration of sample preparation on the properties of the fuel (in particular, its structural stability and viscosity in the initial state) and on its ignition characteristics (the ignition delay, the time for total combustion, and the duration of the initiation stage) is determined. The limiting duration of structural stability is compared for samples of organic coal–water fuel prepared by means of a homogenizer and by means of a ball mill.

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