Influence of the gas mixture composition on pumping energy dissipation in a XeF(C-A) amplifier of the hybrid femtosecond laser system THL-100

N. G. Ivanov, V. F. Losev, Yu N. Panchenko, A. G. Jastremskii

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The influence of the composition of a gas mixture in a XeF(C-A) amplifier of the THL-100 hybrid femtosecond laser system on the main channels of energy loss is studied via numerical simulation. It is shown that an increase in the N2 buffer gas pressure from 100 to 760 Torr increases the fraction of absorbed energy transferred to the upper laser level XeF(C,ν = 0), while an increase in the XeF2 partial pressure increases energy loss in collision quenching of the XeF(B, C) states and reduces the energy transferred to the XeF(C,ν = 0) state.

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