Influence of the degree of compaction of a reagent powder mixture on solid-phase synthesis of lithium pentaferrite

A. M. Pritulov, R. U. Usmanov, O. V. Gal'Tseva, A. A. Kondratyuk, V. V. Bezuglov, V. I. Serbin

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Interrelation between the compaction pressure of lithium carbonate and iron oxide powder mixture and efficiency of solid-phase synthesis of lithium pentaferrite are investigated. It is demonstrated that the temperature dependence of the degree of transformation during isochronous annealing for 60 min obeys the Arrhenius law. The effective activation energy of the process decreases when the compaction pressure increases from 0.4 (P = 0) to 0.2 eV (P = 202 MPa). A linear dependence between the degree of transformation and the specific magnetization of the mixture is observed at synthesis temperatures of 870-1070 K. No influence of the compaction pressure on the magnetic anisotropy field of synthesized spinel is revealed.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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