Influence of support on the catalytic properties of lead-tin oxide catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane

I. A. Kurzina, S. I. Galanov, L. N. Kurina

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    The influence of the composition of a Pb-Sn-O catalyst formulation, the support nature, and a method for deposition of active components on the catalytic properties of lead-tin catalysts in the process of oxidative coupling of methane was studied. The presence of the lead orthostannate Pb2SnO4 phase was found to affect the activity of the Pb-Sn-O system. The use of SiO2-containing supports leads to the formation of complex compounds (Pb4Al2Si2O11 and Pb3Al2Si4O14) that decrease the activity of the supported Pb-Sn-O systems. The most selective composition is the one having the PbO: SnO2 ratio of 80:20 (mol%) deposited on α-Al2O3 from the bivalent metal hydroxides. A correlation between the catalytic and physicochemical properties of specimens was found.

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