Influence of mathematical model comprehensiveness on distance protection setting of transmission lines

Igor Razzhivin, Julius Bay, Anton Kievets, Alisher Askarov

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The introduction of modern technologies significantly changes the modes of operation of electric power systems (EPS) and has an unpredictable impact on the functioning of relay protection devices (RP), in particular distance protection (DP). It is impossible to adequately measured the impact without detailed modelling of both EPS and RP devices. The subject of this research is the development of a detailed mathematical model of digital distance protection (DDP). When designing such a model, both current and voltage measuring transducers, analogue digital relay protection devices, and digital signal processing were taken into account. In this paper, studies are aimed at assessing the correctness of the third stage of the DP using the detailed and simplified model of the DDP. The operation of the compared models is tested on a 39-bus New England system via MATLAB Simulink simulation data, and a comparative assessment is provided. Such detailed DDP mathematical model in combination with an adequate EPS simulator could be used further for solution of different tasks, such as development, design, analysis, testing and setting of RP algorithms. The article presents the results of preliminary studies of the mentioned problem.

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