Influence of irradiation by 60Co gamma-quanta on reliability of IR-LEDs based upon AlGaAs heterostructures

Alexander V. Gradoboev, Anastasiia V. Simonova, Ksenia N. Orlova

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We consider the influence of preliminary irradiation by 60Co gamma quanta on emission power decrease during the operating time of IR-LEDs based upon AlGaAs double heterostructures. Irradiation was realized in passive power mode of the LEDs prior to aging. Aging under long operating time conditions was simulated by a step-stress approach. We have determined that the emissive power decrease of LED during operating time has two stages. On the first stage, decrease of LED emissive power is due to rearrangement of original defect structure. On the second stage, emissive power goes down as the result of inducing new structural defects. We have shown identical multistage mechanisms of emissive power drop are observed during both operating time and influence of ionizing radiation. We have established that preliminary irradiation has increased reliability and operating time of LEDs.

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ЖурналPhysica Status Solidi (C) Current Topics in Solid State Physics
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