Influence of boundaries on shear-driven flow of liquids in open cavities

Carlo S. Iorio, Olga Goncharova, Oleg Kabov

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In recent years, the development of twophase flow cooling systems in micro-electronic as well as surface coating/patterning technologies, often based on thin films and liquid filled micro-enclosures, has renewed the interest in the classical problem of the cavity flow driven by a shear stress imposed at the gasliquid boundary. In this paper, we study, numerically, the influence of the cavity geometry and boundaries on the three dimensional velocity field driven by a shear flow of inert gas. This study has been performed in the frame of the ESA sponsored Space Program on heat and mass transfer CIMEX-1 and it has to be considered as a contribution in the preparation of the Space experiment. The reference values for the flow parameters as well as the geometrical features encountered in the present paper target the main features of the CIMEX-1 experiment, although the main conclusions can be considered of general validity.

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