Inflation from higher dimensions

Hiroshi Nakada, Sergei V. Ketov

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We derive the scalar potential in four spacetime dimensions from an eight-dimensional (R+γR4-2Λ-F42) gravity model in the presence of the 4-form F4, with the (modified gravity) coupling constant γ and the cosmological constant Λ, by using the flux compactification of four extra dimensions on a 4-sphere with the warp factor. The scalar potential depends upon two scalar fields: the scalaron and the 4-sphere volume modulus. We demonstrate that it gives rise to a viable description of cosmological inflation in the early universe, with the scalaron playing the role of inflaton and the volume modulus to be (almost) stabilized at its minimum. We also speculate about a possibility of embedding our model in eight dimensions into a modified eight-dimensional supergavity that, in its turn, arises from a modified eleven-dimensional supergravity.

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