Inelastic production of neutral pions in the4He(γ, π{o script}p)3H reaction

Peter Semenovich Anan'in, I. V. Glavanakov, M. N. Gushtan

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The yield of the4He(γ, π‡p)3H reaction has been studied in a bremsstrahlung beam of photons with a maximum energy of 450 MeV. The measurements were made on an experimental setup consisting of a total absorption Cerenkov gamma spectrometer and a helium streamer chamber. A kinematic analysis is made of the angular distributions of the disintegration products of the4He nucleus to study the mechanism of inelastic photoproduction of neutral pions. The relatively high event density in the region of small proton-triton separation angles is attributable to the quasielastic mechanism of the reaction in which pion photoproduction is accompanied by excitation of the4He nucleus.

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ЖурналSoviet Physics Journal
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