Industrial scale gasification of T-grade coal via fixed bed technology

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The gasification of solid fuel is known technology suitable for many purposes which has found quite limited applications worldwide. The one of the major reasons is deficiency of practical operation experience of industrial scale units. The paper reports the data on T-grade coal gasification by air via 4 ton per hour pilot scale VTI gasifier situated in Tomsk polytechnic university (Tomsk, Russia). The tests were carried out for bituminous coal of Kuznetsk basin. The results presented were obtained in nonstationary regime for single 4 t load of fuel. The characteristics temperatures into gasifier as well as generator gas composition were determined. Obtained results allowed to conclude that T-grade coal is suitable fuel for VTI gasification technology.

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Событие9th International Russian-Kazakhstan Symposium on Coal Chemistry and Ecology of Kuzbass - Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary Kemerovo Scientific Center SB RAS, IX-IRKSCCEK 2020 - Kemerovo, Российская Федерация
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