Increasing the fatigue life of 12Cr1MoV steel by surface nanostructuring with a Zr+ ion beam. Structure, properties, and fracture pattern

S. V. Panin, I. V. Vlasov, Victor Petrovich Sergeev, A. R. Sungatulin, Mark Petrovich Kalashnikov, M. A. Poltaranin, B. B. Ovechkin

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The paper presents the results of static and cyclic tensile tests and alternate cyclic bending tests of 12Cr1MoV specimens in the initial state and after surface nanostructuring with a Zr+ ion beam. Examination by optical and scanning electron microscopy and interference profilometry revealed differences in the formation of the deformation relief and in the character of cracking of the modified surface layer. The changes occurring in the modified surface layer were estimated by nanoindentation, X-ray analysis, and fractography. The nanostructure formed in the treated surface layer was analyzed by transmission electron microscopy. The difference in deformation is interpreted using the multiple cracking concept. The effect of substantial enhancement of fatigue strength is associated with retarded plastic deformation and fatigue crack propagation in the modified surface layer.

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ЖурналPhysical Mesomechanics
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