P. N. Zyatikov, K. V. Sinebryukhov, Yu S. Berezovsky, A. S. Trushko

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The analytical expressions for normalization of the actual data on the well operation initial parameters are presented. The results of the dimensionless production index comparison are transferred to a mathematical model of the field sector in order to select an effective direction of the wellbore horizontal section. To determine an optimal production strategy, a synthetic model was developed using the tNavigator program. The Local Grid Refinement (LGR) method was applied to provide an accuracy of the mathematical model of a multistage hydraulic fracturing (MSHF) problem. This method represents a local grinding of the cells in the region of the MSHF cracks' formation. The grinding was carried out up to 4 mm in a cell size. A virtual perforation method was used for the rest of production wells in the sector. The models characterized by various permeability were calculated, and the following results were obtained: accumulated oil production in a longitudinal orientation of the MSHF cracks is higher than that in the transverse cracks, which is irrespective of the permeability. The initial oil production rate from a transverse crack location is higher, therefore, the pressure drop occurs much faster resulting in a low-pressure area formation. Such a crack arrangement in the well leads to a rapid decline of well and provides an increase in the water production.

Переведенное названиеImpact of the crack direction in a multistage hydraulic fracturing on the oil recovery factor
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  • Dimensionless productivity index
  • Local grid refinement
  • Low-permeable reservoir
  • Oil and gas field

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