Impact of the ash deposits from coal combustion on thermal conditions of the furnace pipes

Alexander Subbotin, Igor Razov, Elena Popova, Alexander Dolgih

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One of the problems of thermal power plants is the contamination of heating surfaces that arises during the boiler unit operation while combusting the solid fuel. The main part of the energy is consumed by pipes forming the furnace. Non-combustible mineral part of the fuel in the form of the ash and slag accumulates on the heating surfaces and thereby prevents heating of the working liquid. Therefore, boiler requires higher fuel consumption to maintain the operating conditions. Violation of the thermal conditions of heating surfaces in consequence of contamination causes the negative effects on metal pipes right up to failure. This problem is urgent due to the fact that information about the process of slagging and its effect on the thermal conditions of the heating surface operation enables the possibility to minimize the negative consequences. This possibility is achieved by adjusting the thermal conditions of the combustion process in the furnace with the periodic cleaning of the heating surfaces.

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