Ignition of the drops of coal–water fuel in a flow of air

Arkadiy Vladimirovich Zakharevich, V. V. Salomatov, P. A. Strizhak, S. V. Syrodoi

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The ignition of the drops of coal–water fuel (CWF) in a high-temperature gas (air) flow was experimentally studied. The conditions and fundamental characteristics of the ignition (ignition delay times) were found. The effects of a number of factors (drop sizes and ambient temperatures) on the conditions of ignition were examined. Based on the results of experiments, a physical model was formulated for the processes of thermal preparation and ignition of CWF drops. The experimental delay times of the ignition of CWFs were compared with the theoretical values (obtained with the use of a previously developed mathematical model).

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ЖурналSolid Fuel Chemistry
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