Ignition of granulated mixed fuel based on lignite and wood waste

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Analysis of utilization possibility of sawmill waste when burning pellets in a mixture with coal. Conditions and characteristics of pellets ignition of fuel mixtures based on coal dust and fine wood at various mass concentrations of the components have been experimentally determined. Fuel pellets were made by cold pressing on a hydraulic press. The experiments were carried out in a medium heated to high (from 600 ° C to 800 ° C) temperatures of still air. It was established that increase of wood component proportion in the fuel granule significantly reduces the values of ignition delay times of all studied mixtures based on brown coal of 3B grade. The limit of stable ignition of such fuels is 600 ° C. The obtained results reflect the possibility of using granules of mixed fuels based on crushed coal and wood in the case of fuel-bed combustion in coal-fired boilers, as well as hot water boilers.

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