Ignition of coal-water fuel particles under the conditions of intense heat

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The dependence of the coal-water fuel (WCF) particles ignition delay time has been determined experimentally in this work. It depends on the characteristic size of the latter in the conditions corresponding to the intensity of heat supply by combustion space of the boiler units. The physical and mathematical models have been formulated according to the analysis and generalization of experimental data that describe complex jointly proceeding thermal and thermal chemical processes (inert heating, evaporation of water, thermochemical interaction of the latter with carbon coke, thermal decomposition of the organic part of coal particle ignition of WCF) in the induction period of time. The process of the heat sink on the wire of the thermocouple has been put into the consideration in order to maximize the approximation of the mathematical model to the conditions of the experiments, in which the particle of WCF has been fixed in the experiments. There is a good compliance of certain theoretical delay times of WCF ignition with those recorded in the experiments.

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