Ignition mechanism and characteristics of gel fuels based on oil-free and oil-filled cryogels with fine coal particles

D. O. Glushkov, G. V. Kuznetsov, A. G. Nigay, V. A. Yanovsky, O. S. Yashutina

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Methods of preparing heterogeneous gel fuels have been elaborated on the basis of oil-free and oil-filled cryogels, containing coal dust particles with a size no more than 140 μm. Mechanical properties of 20-mm fuel pellets have been analyzed. The ignition mechanisms of heterogeneous gel fuels have been experimentally discovered in a high-temperature (600–1000 °C) oxidizer medium, and the influence of the initial fuel temperature (from −85 to 20 °C) on the fuel ignition characteristics has been researched. The multi-component composition of the oil-filled cryogels with coal dust particles is the reason for microexplosions that leads to the fuel sample dispersion and intensification both the ignition and burnout. Such fuel compositions are characterized by 1.5–2-fold lower ignition delay times (1–6 s vs. 2–12 s) than the compositions based on cryogels containing only coal particles, other things being equal.

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ЖурналPowder Technology
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