Identification of hydrocarbon compositions of diesel fractions and assessment of their effect on fuel operational characteristics

E. V. Frantsina, A. A. Grinko, N. I. Krivtsova, M. V. Maylin, A. A. Sycheva

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Using the chromatography-mass spectrometric method of analysis the group hydrocarbon compositions of straight-run and hydro-dewaxed diesel fractions have been determined. The effects of hydrocarbons on the physicochemical and operational properties of the fractions were analyzed and compared with the requirements of the standard for winter diesel fuels. The molecular-mass distribution of normal paraffin hydrocarbons was considered in detail, as well as their relationship with the low-temperature properties of the fractions. The aromatic compounds were analyzed in the two-dimensional chromatography method. It was found that naphthalene hydrocarbons predominated in the straight-run diesel fraction, and benzene and indan derivatives dominated in the hydro-dewaxed fraction. It was proved by chromatographic analysis. For the straight-run and hydro-dewaxed diesel fractions optimal concentrations of a cetane-raising additive have been determined, which enable to achieve the requirements of standards for diesel fuels.

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ЖурналPetroleum Science and Technology
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