Hydrological processes in the Amur Liman

A. A. Strobykina, I. A. Zhabin, V. I. Kim, V. M. Shul’kin, O. V. Dudarev

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Data collected in 2005–2009 are analyzed to study the main features of hydrological processes in the main part of the Amur estuary—the Amur Liman. Data on the morphological structure of the liman and the surge and tidal phenomena are analyzed. The variability of salinity field in different phases of river hydrological cycle is studied. Wind currents are shown to have an appreciable effect on the water exchange and river runoff distribution between the seas of Japan and Okhotsk in the ice-free season. In summer, the Amur runoff enters the Sea of Okhotsk. The main features of the structure of liman water in summer are identified. The northern part of the estuary is freshened by river runoff and partially mixed; it has a two-layer structure. A salt wedge forms at the northern exit from the liman into the Sea of Okhotsk, and strong water stratification is observed there.

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ЖурналWater Resources
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