Hydrogeological prerequisites for industrial waste injection during the development of priority area of the Yurubcheno–Tokhomo field

N. S. Trifonov, D. A. Novikov, A. A. Yamskikh

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Detailed analysis of the geological and hydrogeological conditions in the Yurubcheno–Tokhomo zone of oil and gas accumulations showed the osinskii horizon of the Lower Cambrian to be of greatest interest for the disposal of large volumes of bottom and effluent water. Numerical physicochemical simulation of hydrogeochemical processes using a 3D model of groundwater flow between the injection well and the reservoir gave an estimate of the effect of industrial waste injection. The resulting changes in the mineralogical composition of the reservoir rock and its porosity-permeability are shown to be most considerable in the case of disposal of treated effluent water. The zone of technogenic metasomatosis, developing in the reservoir bed under the effect of waste disposal, was found to reach 800–840 m by the end of the fifth year of disposal site operation.

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