Hydroecological condition between the Gam and Kau Rivers (Northern Vietnam)

Oleg G. Savichev, Nguen Van Luen

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Relevance. Researches of a ecology-geochemical condition of water objects have both important applied, and fundamental scientific value as the major problems of similar researches are definition of a geochemical background and deviations from it, and also revealing of natural and anthropogenous factors of formation both background, and abnormal concentration. Similar researches in Southeast Asia, including northern part of Vietnam, are especially actual. There, in conditions of high population density, the importance of maintenance of economy with water of necessary quality and preservation of environment grows repeatedly. The aim of the research is to estimate the modern ecology-geochemical condition of surface waters in district Cho Don of province Bac Can (Vietnam) and its connection with hydrological and geomorphological conditions. Methods of the research: landscape-geochemical, geography-hydrological and statistical methods.Results and conclusions. The authors have obtained the data on ecology-geochemical state of surface waters in the area between the Gam and Kau rivers (Northern Vietnam, province Bac Can, district Cho Don). These waters in low flow period are characterized as fresh with the low contents of organic substances and relatively increased contents of some metals (Zn, Pb, Fe, Al). They are everywhere capable to dissolve primary alumosilicates with formation of clay minerals and they are oversaturated with quartz. The oversaturation with carbonate minerals is typical for a basin of the Ban Thi river and upper of the Day river. It is established that in a basin of the Ban Thi river and in upstream of the Day river the river network is dated to tectonic faults that promotes the increase of Zn and Pb runoff. The increase in a share of the basin area in the upstream of the rivers without the expressed river network F/F0 is the additional factor of increase in concentration of Zn and Pb. On the basis of the data received in February 2015 it is assumed that characteristics of tectonic faults interlinking with the river network and the value F/F0 are the criteria of effective searches of geochemical anomalies in the region. The increased concentrations of Zn, Pb, Fe, Al are mainly explained by the influence of natural factors. This does not certainly exclude an opportunity of polluting superficial waters as a result of current economic activities and the one carried out before.

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