Hybrid lattice Boltzmann––Finite difference formulation for combined heat transfer problems by 3D natural convection and surface thermal radiation

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In this study, a hybrid model for 3D natural convection combined with surface thermal radiation in a closed differentially heated cube was developed. Within this model, numerical procedure for fluid flow was considered in terms of the lattice Boltzmann method under Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook approximation with D3Q19 scheme. On the other hand, unsteady three-dimensional energy equation was solved by means of the finite difference technique. Developed hybrid approach was validated against experimental and up to date numerical data. Mathematical modelling was conducted for two-dimensional and three-dimensional problem formulations under variation of Rayleigh number, conduction-radiation number and surface emissivity. It was found that discrepancy between 2D and 3D results was increased with an enhancement in the radiation heat transfer rate. Computational performance of hybrid lattice Boltzmann method was several times higher than conventional CFD approach.

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