Hybrid CFRP/SWCNT Composites with Enhanced Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties

Mikhail Burkov, Alexander Eremin

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The results of the investigation dealing with enhancing the mechanical and functional properties of carbon fiber-reinforced polymers are presented in the paper. The scientific issue is relevant enough to the aerospace engineering where strength-to-density ratio is one of the most important properties providing sufficient strength and stiffness along with minimal weight, while electrical and heat conductivity are required for lightning strike protection and better efficiency of thermal deicing systems, respectively. In the present research, insufficient electric conductivity of CFRP is improved by adding single-wall carbon nanotubes. Measurement of electrical resistivity of modified composites as well as CNT-filled epoxy is taken. The results of mechanical testing demonstrate unchanged tensile strength, while flexural strength increases, which is attributed to higher interfacial shear strength of hybrid CFRP/CNT composites.

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ЖурналJournal of Materials Engineering and Performance
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