High-resolution study of the (v1 + 1/2v2 + v3 = 13) polyad of strongly interacting vibrational bands of d2o

O. N. Ulenikov, Sheng Gui He, G. A. Onopenko, E. S. Bekhtereva, Xiang Huai Wang, Shui Ming Hu, Hai Lin, Qing Shi Zhu

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Analysis of the high-resolution Fourier transform spectra of the D2O first decade was carried out in the framework of the Hamiltonian model which took into account resonance interactions between the seven states, (300), (201), (102), (003), (220), (121), and (022). Assigned from the experimentally recorded spectrum transitions belonged to the four bands, 2v1 + v3, 3v3, v1 + 2v2 + v3, and 3v1, gave the possibility both of obtaining rotational, centrifugal distortion, and resonance interaction parameters of "appeared" states, (201), (003), (121), and (300), and of estimating from the fit band centers, rotational, and resonance interaction parameters of the three "dark" states, (220), (022), and (102).

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ЖурналJournal of Molecular Spectroscopy
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