High-rate magnetron sputtering with hot target

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Chromium films were deposited by cooled and hot target magnetron sputtering techniques with unbalanced magnetic field configuration at equal target power density. The dependence of deposition rates of Cr films by the hot target magnetron sputtering on the power density was a non-linear at 27.5-31.5W/cm2. The optical emission studies indicated the enhancement of deposition rates due to the evaporation of the hot Cr target. The chromium film structure was strongly depended on the factor of «hot target» and the target power density. Cr films were structured to (110) direction in the case of the hot target sputtering, for cooled target configuration - the preferred orientation was changed from (110) to (200) with the power density. Cr+ to Cr ratio and heat flow from the cathode to the substrate influenced on the coating hardness and adhesion. The Cr films with 9.84-12.79GPa and the non-cracking behavior (up to 15N) were obtained.

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