High Power UV and VUV Excilamps and Their Applications

V. Tarasenko, S. Avdeev, M. Erofeev, M. Lomaev, E. Sosnin, V. Skakun, D. Shitz

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In the present paper, the review of the basic results obtained at the Laboratory of Optical Radiation at High Current Electronics Institute SB RAS during 2007-2009 years is presented. Efficient radiation of Ar2, Kr2, Xe2, KrBr*, KrCl*, XeI*, XeBr*, XeCl*, Cl2* molecules and I atoms was obtained in rare gas or in rare gas-Br2 (Cl2, I 2) mixtures. Study of radiation parameters and lifetime period of the manufactured barrier discharge excilamps has been performed.

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ЖурналActa Physica Polonica A
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