High-power narrow-band dye laser pumped by a XeCl joule exciplex laser

T. N. Kopylova, G. V. Maĭer, A. N. Panchenko, V. F. Tarasenko, K. M. Degtyarenko, V. V. Sukhanov, E. N. Tel’Minov, M. I. Lomaev, S. V. Mel’Chenko, R. T. Kuznetsova, L. G. Samsonova

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A laser system consisting of a high-power, narrow-band dye laser and a Joule XeCl laser (λ = 308 nm) with high output characteristics is described. The system can be tuned over the spectral interval 330-800 nm. The efficiency ranges up to 19% at an output energy of 75 mJ, a linewidth of 0.01 nm, a divergence of 1–2 mrad, and a service life of 107 pulses for the active medium of the dye laser. The repetition frequency is 1-5 Hz.

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ЖурналQuantum Electronics
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Kopylova, T. N., Maĭer, G. V., Panchenko, A. N., Tarasenko, V. F., Degtyarenko, K. M., Sukhanov, V. V., Tel’Minov, E. N., Lomaev, M. I., Mel’Chenko, S. V., Kuznetsova, R. T., & Samsonova, L. G. (1993). High-power narrow-band dye laser pumped by a XeCl joule exciplex laser. Quantum Electronics, 23(7), 568-572. https://doi.org/10.1070/QE1993v023n07ABEH003125