I. F. Isakov, E. I. Logachev, M. S. Opekunov, S. A. Pechenkin, G. E. Remnev, Yu S. Usov

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A generator is described that provides at the load a pulse train with a repetition frequency of 10**3-10**6 Hz or higher. The pulses have an amplitude of up to 150 kv for a duration of 50 nsec. The generator contains two shaping and two transmission lines of KVI-300 low-impedance cable, which are connected in series with the load. The shaping lines are powered by two independently triggered voltage-pulse generators to produce a pause between pulses of greater than 10** minus **6 sec. Due to loss reduction in the discharge circuit, the amplitude of the second pulse increases with an increase in the pause between pulses of up to 300 nsec, beyond which the curve is saturated.

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