High-power ion beam sources for industrial application

G. E. Remnev, I. F. Isakov, M. S. Opekounov, G. I. Kotlyarevsky, V. L. Kutuzov, V. S. Lopatin, V. M. Matvienko, M. Yu Ovsyannikov, A. V. Potyomkin, Vladislav Alexandrovich Tarbokov

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Two sources of high-power ion beams of nanosecond duration are described, a MUK and a TEMP unit They generated ions with energies of up to 150 and 300 keV, respectively, and the pulse duration was 20-200 and 50 ns, respectively. For the MUK unit, beam parameters for heavy ion implantation (Aln+ , Mgn+ , Fen+ , Wn+ , etc.) were as follows: current density ranging from 1 to 10 A cm-2 and total ion flux energy up to 20 J. For the TEMP unit, the following beam parameters were used for H+ and Cn+ ions: current density 40-200 A cm-2 and total ion flux energy 0.3-0.5 kJ. The sources are powered by various diode systems and can be applied in material science for scientific research and technology.

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