High power ion beam generation in the plasma-filled diode

V. M. Bystritskii, A. V. Kharlov, A. V. Mytnikov

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An experiment on high-power ion beam generation in an inverse type self-insulated diode which used an actively produced source plasma was performed. The experiments were carried out on the accelerator PARUS of 0.2 TW power and 60-ns pulse duration on the matched load. The application of a plasma opening switch (flashboard) upstream from the diode resulted in a factor of 1.8 increase of the diode power in comparison with the matched load operation without plasma opening switch. A comparison of diode characteristics with an active source of anode plasma and the same diode construction with passive anode was made using the results of previous work.

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СостояниеОпубликовано - 1991
Событие1991 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science - Williamsburg, VA, USA
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Другое1991 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science
ГородWilliamsburg, VA, USA

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