High intensity pulsed ion beam sources and their industrial applications

G. E. Remnev, I. F. Isakov, M. S. Opekounov, V. M. Matvienko, V. A. Ryzhkov, V. K. Struts, I. I. Grushin, A. N. Zakoutayev, A. V. Potyomkin, Vladislav Alexandrovich Tarbokov, A. N. Pushkaryov, V. L. Kutuzov, M. Yu Ovsyannikov

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This paper presents research on practical applications of high intensity pulsed ion beams (HIPIBs) investigated at the Nuclear Physics Institute of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (NPI TPU) and the Scientific Industrial Enterprise 'Linetron', N. Novgorod. The most interesting scientific results have been obtained in the following fields: HIPIB surface modification for the increase of wear resistance of tools; deposition of thin metal, composite and diamond-like carbon (DLC) films; short-pulse ion implantation in semiconductors. It was shown that ion beams with relatively low power density (106-109W/cm2) are very promising for industrial applications. The paper presents a brief description of the HIPIB-solids interaction and main HIPIB parameters used in the research, as well as modification of properties of treated samples.

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ЖурналSurface and Coatings Technology
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