High current and high intensity pulsed ion-beam sources for combined treatment of materials

A. I. Ryabchikov, A. V. Petrov, I. B. Stepanov, I. A. Shulepov, V. G. Tolmachjeva

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The complex installation for combined materials treatment with accelerated ion beams of different peak power and metallic plasma flows is described. The installation comprises the high-current repetitively pulsed vacuum arc ion source, high-intensity pulsed ion beam source, and direct-current vacuum arc plasma source combined with the plasma filter for plasma cleaning from the microparticle fraction. It has been found that the preliminary treatment of stainless steel samples with the high-power ion beam of nanosecond pulse duration results in the reduction of ion sputtering coefficient at the implantation of tungsten ions. It has been shown that the increase of maximum implanted tungsten concentration is influenced by changing the surface morphology and element structure of the samples affected by the high-power ion beam.

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ЖурналReview of Scientific Instruments
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