Heat Transfer in the Instrument Modules of Space Vehicles

G. V. Kuznetsov, A. N. Kozlobrodov, S. F. Sandu

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The results of numerical analysis of the multidimensional temperature fields in nonhermetic modules of on-board instrumentation of space vehicles with thermal control systems based on low-temperature heat pipes are presented. The results are obtained using a model which takes into account a full complex of thermal and physical processes occurring not only in the panels of a particular module of the instrumental compartment, but also in the devices of radioelectronic instrumentation. It is shown that thermal radiation inside the module results in noticeable lowering of the temperature differences between both individual devices and panels as a whole. It is noted that account for the actual size and configurations of devices makes it possible to increase the accuracy of calculation of the temperature fields of the devices in comparison with other models.

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ЖурналHeat Transfer Research
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