Heat transfer and breakdown of subcooled falling water film on a vertical middle size heater

E. A. Chinnov, O. A. Kabov, I. V. Marchuk, D. V. Zaitsev

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An experimental research of heat transfer and breakdown of a falling liquid film on a heater with dimensions of 150×150 mm2 has been performed. Water with the initial temperature of 20°C was used as a working liquid. Film sprinklers with uniform clearance nozzle slot and with nozzle slot having increased height at the heater lateral borders to eliminate the boundary effect, were used. Calculation of the liquid flow in the nozzles was executed. To control the non-uniformity of the film thickness, an optical fiber probe of reflective type was used. An investigation of heat transfer and breakdown of significantly subcooled falling water film has been executed. The temperature distribution at the liquid film surface and dynamics of liquid film breakdown were investigated using infrared methods of diagnostics. Present experimental data are compared with previously obtained results and with data and equations known from the literature.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Heat and Technology
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