Heat mass transfer on the surface of a barrier with gas-thermal coat applying

V. E. Abaltusov, V. F. Dement'ev, I. K. Zharova, T. N. Nemova, G. Ya Mamontov, V. F. Pinkin

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The calculated and experimental research results have been presented to show how the concentration and the composition of a dispersed phase, the physical-chemical transformations on the medium boundary influence the radiation-convective heat transfer between high-temperature two-phase flows and the surface of a solid media. The computation of the heat flow was made according to the following physical model of the process: the mass flow rate of transporting a gas and solid particles is constant; the distribution density of solid particles on the surface of the base follows the normal law. In this case the process of heat propagation by the depth of a material may be simulated by a one-dimensional non-linear energy equation.

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