Hardware-software Complex Prototyping for the Pulse Power Supply Control System of Tokamak T-15

Pavel Anistratov, Yuriy Golobokov, Vadim Pavlov

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A new hardware-software complex for digital control of a pulse power supply system was de- veloped for the tokamak T-15 upgrade. Special controller software provides implementation of flexible digital control of semiconductor converters. For most functions it is required that the software should keep control loop timing accurately. The complex software runs under the Linux operating system. To turn it into a real-time system open-source Xenomai framework was used. To test the framework applicability for the tasks of power sources control a research of a test system executing the basic functions of a real system was conducted. The required cycle was accomplished by separation of important tasks into real-time threads while using previously developed program code and libraries, which were already tested in the real system for non-real-time task without significant changes.

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Событие4th International Young Scientist Conference on Computational Science, 2015 - Athens, Греция
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