Gravity effect on the axisymmetric drop spreading

M. V. Bartashevich, Vladimir V. Kuznetsov, Oleg A. Kabov

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The flattening (spreading) of the axisymmetrical drop on a plane horizontal surface under action of gravity force at zero tangential force (no shear at the gas-liquid interface) is investigated analytically and numerically. We determine the exact profile of compressed drop assuming the condition of drop volume conservation. 2D time dependant numerical model, based on a finite difference method, has been developed to describe the hydrodynamics inside the drop. The energy and Navier-Stokes equations are solved within the drop's analytical profile. Effects of surface tension and thermocapillarity are taken into account. The effect of gravity has been studied to define main features of the drop dynamics. In calculations vector of gravitational acceleration is oriented perpendicularly to the surface, the Bond number is changed in the range from Bo = 0 to Bo = 151.6. Our results show that the gravity has a significant effect on the drop spreading.

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ЖурналMicrogravity Science and Technology
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