Gravitational dressing of D-instantons

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The non-perturbative corrections to the universal hypermultiplet moduli space metric in the type-IIA superstring compactification on a Calabi - Yau threefold are investigated in the presence of 4d, N = 2 supergravity. These corrections come from multiple wrapping of the BPS (Euclidean) D2-branes around certain (BPS) Calabi - Yau 3-cycles, and they are known as the D-instantons. The exact universal hypermultiplet metric is governed by a quaternionic potential that satisfies the SU(∞) Toda equation. When the supergravity decouples, the metric is hyper-Kähler. We propose the mechanism that gravitationally dress any (D-instanton) hyper-Kähler metric to the (universal hypermultiplet) quaternionic metric of the same dimension.

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